About the Journal

InJEBA : International Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting as a scholarly platform dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of cutting-edge research in the domains of economics, business, and accounting. This journal strives to foster intellectual exchange among academics, researchers, and practitioners worldwide, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and practice in these interconnected fields. 


This journal focuses on International research in economics, business, and accounting covers a variety of topics related to aspects of global economics, business management, and accounting practices at the international level. This research area includes economic policy analysis, international business strategy, global financial issues, and developments and trends in international accounting.


Below are some examples of international research topics in this area:


The impact of globalization on the world economy:

Study of the impact of globalization on economic growth, international trade, and economic inequality.


Risk Management in the International Business Context:

Analyzing corporate strategies for managing risk in a changing global business environment.


International Business Innovation and Development:

Examine the factors that drive innovation at the international level and their impact on business success.


International Financial Reporting:

A study of international financial reporting standards (e.g., IFRS) and their impact on accounting practices in different countries.


Global Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

A study of global companies' efforts to achieve sustainability and corporate social responsibility on an international level.


Global Financial Market Dynamics:

Analysis of the behavior of equity markets, foreign exchange, and other financial instruments in global financial markets.


Digital Economy and Business Transformation:

Studying the impact of digital technology, e-commerce, and digital transformation on international business models.


Economic Uncertainty and Corporate Decision Making:

Research on how global economic uncertainty affects managerial decision making in international firms.


The Role of Regulation and Public Policy in International Business:

Analysis of the role of government regulations and policies in shaping the international business environment.


Multinational Corporate Finance:

Study of the financial management of companies operating in different countries, including aspects of risk management and financial policy.

Research in this area is often multidisciplinary and involves collaboration between academics, business practitioners, and government. The results of this research can make a significant contribution to the global understanding of how economic, business, and accounting factors are interrelated and how they influence the growth and development of various entities at the international level.